Kila Jisi


Emmanuel Ngassa Happi, the Vice-president of the Fifa Normalization Committee, President of Union of Douala Committee of Wise-men wants the Fecafoot accounts to be audited.

Though there is no saying if the idea would be supported by other members of the normalisation committee, but, Ngassa Happi substantiates on why he wants the accounts audited.

To him, to leave a good structure for the next generation of Fecafoot management, it is necessary to ensure there is no grey area left.

He says there are financial problems at Fecafoot and Cameroonians are already scandalised by the management of the federation and would want to see the structure audited.

He wants accounts on the fall-outs from contract with sponsors and state subvention. Shedding light is important for the committee to leave the committee on a good footing and open to all.

Many football lovers are not happy with football at the base, female football, youth football and the construction of regional offices which have not advanced for some years now.

The thinking is that money for these programmes must have been embezzled while the programmes continue to suffer.

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