Kila Jisi

Indomitable Lions  defensive midfielder, FC Barcelone Alexandre Song has said there is need to give Cameroonians strikers the opportunity a chance to grow.  If they don’t try their best in the absence of Samuel Eto’o Fils they cannot grow.

It has been observed that the team is unable to get its bearing without Samuel Eto’o who is wounded and in the absence of Choupo Moting who is also healing from injury.

From the match played in Togo, the attack did not function well and many have been debating if the team can score without Eto’o.

Following the 2-0 defeat against Togo, the press sought to know if the absence of Samuel Eto’o affected the game.

Also it was observed that Cameroonian strikers finish the season without scoring up to ten goals.

Alexandre Song on the observations urged the press to encourage the strikers to struggle to prove their worth.

“With such assertions you already want to kill you soldier, please help them to work and not kill them”. “Help us to play well that all is we want, to win the game, we all need the victory in DR Congo on Sunday”.  


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