Indomitable Lions coach, Volker Finke has expressed the need for the team to win without striker, Samuel Eto’o Fils. Though disappointed with the defeat, he says the team is looking ahead to play against DR Congo.

Interviewed by kila Jisi In Togo



You were not very happy with the referee’s decisions, is this correct?

It is true that in the first half I was not happy with the referee’s decision, but I have to respect some difficult decisions. The free kick was very difficult, but it was not the referee at the end it is not the referee who decided the game. If a team does not score it loses.

What is your opinion of the match?

The beginning of the second half, the players attempted to attack with scoring opportunities; it is true we could not score and that is football.  The lions played but it was the individual act of the player who dribbled about four players to score the second goal, it is difficult and painful for the players and the coach, this is football and that is why we have to keep this behind us, rest for a day and prepare the match against DR Congo next week.

The team played, but could not score, to you what went wrong?

I think you saw the game, the second half was not bad, we dominated the game and we lost so many scoring chances. Everybody tried and gave so much but could not score.

Was the absence of Eto’o a handicap to the team?

Eto’o scored two goals against Togo in the last match, he is wounded, but that is not the issue, there is need to score without Eto’o.

What do you think of the Togolese team?

I saw the team twice during the African Nations Cup, the team is always present, and aggressive and have good players. That is why Togo got the three points here to have four points.

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