Kila Jisi In Togo

Volker Finke has started his job as Lions coach with a humiliating 2-0 defeat against at the Kegue Stadium in Togo.

With the win Togo moves to four points while Cameroon with six points would lose their leadership position on goal difference to Libya with six points too.

At the end of the first half, the Hawks of Togo were already leading by one goal to nil. After three successive corner kicks, and fault on a Togolese player earned the boys of Didier Six a free-kick in the lion’s danger zone.

Taking the free kick, Amewou Komlan in the 30th minute slotted in the goal that move the nonchalant Togolese crowd to rise up to a hilarious applause.

But, what marked the encounter is the tension that could be discerned between the two teams.  Makoun hit Amewou Komlan in the struggle to get space for a corner kick against the Togolese side.

The mix-up almost ensured into a fight but the referee, Seechurn Rajindraparsad from the Mauritius Island had to calm the two players down. He advised them to take the match calmly and told them to make peace. The two players embraced and it is only after this that the game returned to normal.

But during the encounter, it could be perceived that Cameroon without their strikers, Samuel Eto’o and Eric Maxim Choupou Moting the attack is almost non- existent.

Frantic attempts from Alexandre Song playing in the mid field could not yield fruits while Aboubakar Vincent was not making any impact in the attack.

Finke who could not understand how his players could concede a goal so early in the first half, he could be seen moving to the dressing room shaking his head.

Though with the timid turn out in the stadium, the Togolese public continued to egg the team to more to search for more goals.

Cameroon dominated most of 20minues of the first half, but, could not score and in an attempt to change the game, Finke brought in Stephane Mbia to replace Makoun in the midfield.

Despite the change, it took the individual skill and tack from Atakora Lalawele to dribble the Cameroon defence to score the second goal at the 70th minute into the encounter as the crowd again rose with applauses and vuvuzelas.

The rain that fell in Lome made the Kegeu stadium unbearable for both teams though the boys of Didier Six better mastered their field.


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