Kila Jisi In Togo

As it is a tradition and as “Lions 4 life”, Orange Cameroun has drummed support for the Indomitable Lions in Togo.

Orange Cameroon representative in Togo, Babbie Panja told “We have done what we are used to doing when the lions are playing. We accompany them in the country where they have to play”.

here in Togo, Orange mobilized about 250 people to support the Indomitable Lions in the stadium. Unfortunately, since rights for the match have been bought, banners and t-shirts cannot be worn, he said.

However, Panja said the group would give its voice to the team in drums and songs.

Orange Cameroun tickets were bought for the supporters, provide refreshment for them in the stadium, get buses to accompany them to the stadium, he said.

As the main sponsor of the Indomitable Lions and when you are in a partnership, we have to accompany the partner to overcome the challenges, he stated.

“Their challenge is our and our, is theirs, we have been supporting the Lions for 11 years now and it is a marriage, in good and in bad times”.

Orange Cameroun is a citizen enterprise with social responsibilities and we have to fulfill our responsibilities.

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