By Kila Jisi

The world football governing body Fifa wants the Cameroon government to provide a written commitment guaranteeing security during Fecafoot elections.

Fecafoot elections were postponed on May 24 for security reasons. Initially billed for June 11, following a meeting between Fecafoot President, Iya Mohammed and the Prime Minister Philemon Yang, the elections were postponed to June 19.

Meanwhile, Fifa wrote to the federation on May 31 requesting that a report be sent on June 6 on the state of elections at Fecafoot.

Fifa has written again telling the federation that a formal letter was not sent to this effect explaining the situation.

“We understand from the meeting with the Prime Minister that elections would hold on June 19, but considering the events of the past weeks, it would be important that the authorities give assurance of their support in the electoral process either by letter to the federation, or a press release alone or jointly with the federation”.

“With the elections billed for June 19, it is important that the authorities make a pronouncement on June 10”, Markus Kattner, deputy Secretary General writes.

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