By Jude Fuhnwi



Ghanaian born Ibrahim Tanko is the new assistant coach of the Indomitable Lions.

He was introduced in the Cameroon’s Indomitable Lions’ den as new assistant coach by German born Volker Finke, in a press conference held in Yaounde, on Wednesday, June 05.

Tanko is former striker of the Black Stars of Ghana, and from now on, serves the team as one of head coach, Finke’s assistants who would be joining the team’s technical bench.

“I take this opportunity to introduce to you Ibrahim Tanko, who was a great player. I have worked with him for a long time. He played in Germany for 12-years,” Finke told journalists during the press briefing.

The German sweat merchant was very clear on hierarchy amongst his assistants since Tanko would increase the number of deputies to four having met Martin Ntoungou Mpile, Sylvain Monkam and Jacques Songo’o.

“The concept of number one or number two does not exist for me. We work together and it is not the hierarchy in the work that matters,” he emphasized.

Ibrahim Tanko, aged 35, holds a grade A UEFA license and has played professional football in Europe for long.

He is expected to bring new ideas in the den that would help break the curse that has been hanging over the Lions for some time now.

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