Kila Jisi



Lions defensive midfielder, Alexandre Song, has said the game against Togo would be tough, but, the Lions are ready for the Challenge.

He spoke to during the training session at the Amadou Ahidjo stadium.

He urges Cameroonians to be confident in the team because the players want to help change the present situation in which is in at the moment.

Cameroon failed to qualify for two consecutive Nations Cups and would not wish to be absent in Brazil, come 2014.

“We urged to be behind us and we will give the good result. We just want to win. This is very important for us and we are trying to do our best in the training and on Sunday, we hope to do something very special. It will be hard, but we are ready for the challenge”.

He said the training is going on smoothly since the being of the training camp.

Song openly shared his feelings about the new coach. “We have seen the new staff and we welcome them”.

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