Mathew Mbuta Andongcho, Cameroonian forward who plays for Army United  FC in Thailand has said the team is ready for the 2014 World Cup qualifier against Togo and would give in their best to win the game on Sunday in Lome. The former PDWD Bamenda and Crystal Palace player says the spirit in the team in good and promises a good game against the Hawks.

He spoke to, Read Excerpts : How do you foresee the match against Togo?

Andongcho: It is going to be a good game, the last time we played here they did very well, and we are just looking forward to the game on Sunday. We are preparing really hard, we trained yesterday, this morning and now we are about to train again, to prepare for the game on Sunday.

Do you as a player know the Hawks of Togo very well?

Not really well, but, following the game they played last time in Yaoundé, they played very well, a nil- nil first half, but second half we had the chance to score our two goals and it was good.

How prepared are you for the Sunday duel?

So far, so good. The team spirit is high and we are 100 per cent ready to give our maximum best to see how Sunday is going to be like.

Interviewed by Kila Jisi

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