Kila Jisi

The humiliating 1-3 defeat Young Sport Academy Suffered in the hands of visiting Njalla Quan has been attributed to the player’s strike for unpaid allowances.

One of the players Fernando Bongnyang told lions4life that “the players were on strike the whole week and we did not train as we used to because of some problems but these have been resolved”.

“The players were only paid on the eve of the match, though not what we expected”, he said.

However, he says the team is going to work hard to win the next game against Panthere of Bangante and Astres of Douala.

“But I know we will make it”, he said.

Meanwhile, during the game, Njalla Quan show more technical play and held their cousins from up-country captive on their side of the field for most part of the game.

Though Yosa opened scores early in the game, Njalla Quan equalized and increased tally to lead 3-1.

Yosa supporters were angry and heaped insults at player after the game.

Day 10 Results Elite One

Unisport – Cotonsport (1-0)

YOSA – Njalla Quan (1-3)
Tonnerre – Les Astres (0-0)
Douala AC – Canon (4-1)
Union – Renaissance (1-1)
Fovu – Panthère (1-1)
Sable – New Stars (0-0)

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