Kila Jisi

Cameroon Coach, Jean Paul Akono is slowly recovering from a cardiac attack which may be likened to the stress form the machinations about the recruitment of a new coach.

Information from his doctor indicates that he suffered a malaise on Saturday.

Alone in his room watching the German league, Fribourg vs Schalke 04 of Joel Matip, his colleague Technical Director No.3, Robert Attah narrates.

Lying on his side, towards the end of the match when he wanted to get up, he realized his right hand and leg were not functioning normally. As he tried to get up he fell on the bed. His wife and children were absent and by some miracle he managed to call the wife who got to the Team Doctor, Aboubakary Sidiki.

Fortunately,  Sidiki  came in to provide first aid before he was transported to the Hospital where he was diagnosed with a mild cardiac attack.

He has regained sensitivity of his right side and can now talk, lions4life learnt.

One of the doctors following him, Ferdinard Ngo has said it may take two weeks or more depending on the legion, for him to recover, but he fears a relapse given the present situation.

“He is going through a difficult moment with the battle to take over the coaching of the national team”.

Akono may not be part of the national team come May 29 when the team goes to camp ahead of the friendly against Ukraine and the qualifier matches against Togo and Dr Congo.

Cameroon launched the recruitment of a new coach on April 22 and Akono occupying the post decided not to apply.

There have been lots of manipulations and battle to succeed Akono. But, after the meeting between the Prime Minister, Fecafoot President, Iya Mohammed and Sports Minister, Adoum Garoua it was certain that Akono was going to be maintained for the time being.

He felt sick on Saturday just a day after the meeting.

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