Kila Jisi

Abdouraman Hamadou, President of Etoile Filante of Garoua, Iya Mohammed’s former cabinet Director, has called for the cancellation of elections at the Fecafoot northern region.

The federal electoral commission following a complaint from Abdouraman cancelled the initial elections.

Abdouraman was not invited for the elections as club president and he filed a complaint which gave Etoile Filante the chance to go to the elections.

Elections held on May 11 and Alim Konate defeated in the contested elections.

According to Abdouraman, the prerequisite for free and fair elections he posed were not respected.

He maintained that all attempts to ensure the verification of the members to vote at the elections was in vain.

Also, persons who are not part of any association are allowed to vote at the regional elections.

“Members of the out-going executive bureau are eligible to the general assembly and not for the elections”, he quotes article 22 section 7.

He expressed indignation at the fact that Fifa 2004 directives are applied at the national level and not at the regional level.

For Abdouraman, members of the departmental leagues who have not organized activities are not eligible to vote and cannot be voted for. He noted with dismay that the Faro, Mayo Louti and Mayo Ray voted but never organized any activity.

Other shortcomings include specialized commissions, representatives of associations and double voting.

Against this background, Abdouraman has called for the cancellation of elections at the northern and a new elective general assembly with a revised electoral college in conformity with the text of Fecafoot.

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