Kila Jisi

Presidents of Cameroon elite football clubs say the local championship would not resume unless the President of the Cameron Professional Football League, Pierre Semengue quits.

The Emile Onambele Zibi Association of Elite Football Club Presidents, ACEC, made their stand know last evening through a communique.

For two weeks now the championship has been grounded. Initially the clubs went on strike demanding the payment of the FCFA 560million state subvention.

After negotiations with Sports and Physical Education Minister, Adoum Garoua in the absence of Semengue, it was agreed that FCFA 300 million would be paid to the clubs without any conditionality.

This money has been paid to the clubs.

But, after paying the clubs, League President, Semengue announced he had decided the championship would only start when the clubs would have completely transformed to limited liability companies.

The clubs had agreed would resume on May 11.

Some clubs have undergone the transformation, but others have not.

The Minister has tried to negotiate for Semengue to change his mind but he seems to be camped to his position.

In this light, club presidents want the departure of Semengue before they can resume play.

If the one time army general does not quit, ACEC would call a general assembly with 2/3 majority and elect a new president, they have hinted.

But, presently they are still waiting for Semengue to change his mind.

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