Kila Jisi

Problems of the Littoral Regional football League are far from over despite the elections to Yaounde.

Charles Léa Eyoum the out-going president has promised to contest the elections during which Jean Mbei Nje was elected with 100 per cent votes.

Jean Mbei Nje New Douala League President


Though he has not indicated his plan of action, Lea Eyoum has said he would meet with his supporters and plan on the next move.

The elections of the Douala League were transported to Yaoundé yesterday after several failed attempts to hold them in Douala failed.

A number of incidents marred the elections in Douala among which, a fire incident.

In order to find a lasting solution the delegates were transported with an escort to the Headquarters in Tsinga. Fecafoot security and forces of law and order were ready to ensure public peace.

Mireille Noah Ossengue First Assistant Divisional Officer for Mfoundi, said the authorities were not aware of the elections left only to return to the federation when her collaborators called to inform her that a scuffle had ensued.

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