Kila Jisi

Abdouraman Hamadou, Fecafoot President’s former Cabinet Director, one time most influential person at the federation, now president of Etoile Filante (Shooting Star) of Garoua, yesterday put in his candidature for President of  Northern Regional League.

Abdouraman was not invited to the elections on April 24 and he put up a fierce fight by filing a complaint to Fecafoot Independent Electoral Commission.

As a result,  the electoral commission annulled elections in the Northern League.

The cancellation has given the president of Etoile Filante the opportunity to challenge the out- going president, Alim Konate who was elected without any difficulty.

Abdouraman says he decided to go in for the post of regional president to portray to cameroonians that the federation is not a family affair and is open to all.

“Only the Benoue departmental league is trying, but, the rest of the departmental leagues are not functional, no youth football, no female football and the regional league is a sham”, he added.

He said though the out-going bureau has 60 per cent chances on their side, he would exploit the remaining 10 or 15 per cent chances to the fullest.

There would be a fierce battle for who would  become the president of the  Northern League on may 11, elections date, given the new developments.

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