Kila Jisi

The professional football championship is billed to resume play next week-end following the strike by elite club presidents.

A tripartite meeting initiated by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education with the Professional Football League and Executive of Association of Elite Football Club Presidents, ACEC held today and the clubs agreed to end the strike.

Following the communique read after the meeting, the championship resumes on May 11.

The tripartite meeting comes a few days after parties failed to arrive at a compromise during an earlier meeting in which club presidents stood their ground to be paid the entire subvention of FCFA 560 million before they go back to the stadium.

It was revealed  that a sum of FCFA 300 million was already in the League’s account and that the money would be made available to the clubs without any conditions.

Earlier, the League President, Pierre Semengue had earlier warned that only clubs that succeed in transforming to limited liability companies were eligible to the subvention.

The League was represented at the meeting by its Secretary General, Francis Laibe while the club presidents were represented by Onambele Zibi.

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