Kila Jisi

Following the on-going elections at Fecafoot, John Begheni Ndeh, First Vice President of Fecafoot, former Minister of Transport, has put in his candidature for the post of president among five other candidates.

He confirmed the information to lions4life today. “In view of what is happening now, if the Iya Mohammed is not putting his candidature, as the first vice president I have to put mine”.

JB Ndeh was among the members who dissociated themselves from what they term false manoeuvers by the federation and wrote to the world governing body, to negotiate with the Ministry of Sports.

With the seven years suspension for any managerial position, many a Cameroonians think that Iya Mohammed would no longer be eligible and not put his candidature for the post of president.

But, the status on the eligibility of candidates does not state where the mismanagement should be committed for the candidate not to be eligible.

Also, Fecafoot is a private association and for these reasons Iya Mohammed is eligible.

Iya Mohammed is said to be among the five candidates who have submitted their candidatures for the top job of Fecafoot president.

Commenting on the public declaration of Attah Robert Behazah’s candidature, Iya said anyone is free to submit his candidature.

“There is still time for me to submit or not submit my candidature”, he said last week.

Attah Rober Behazah made his intentions public recently. The only lady, daring to challenge Iya is Marlene Emvoutou delegate from the South.

The only unknown person is Herve Tchinda a former footballer who doubles as Fifa agent.

But, some of these candidates fail to know that there seems to be a plan B at the federation for Iya to leave the post for his Secretary General Thombi A Roko Sidiki.

Rumours circulated like wild fire on Thursday evening that Thombi had resigned, but has been discredited.

The eligible candidates would be made official on Monday, May 8, as a commission is in charge of validating the candidatures.

Meanwhile, reports form the regions say a fire outbreak disrupted elections at the Littoral League and the Governor order for a repeat of elections in the South.

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