Kila Jisi

Samuel Eto’o Fils sustained a back injury, would not be fit for the some days and has been advised not to adopt the sitting position for long.

Following the injury sustained on Friday Samuel Eto’o Fils would not be able to play the Cameroon-Tanzania friendly match on Wednesday, February 6.

A letter from Anzhi medical doctor, with a medical certificate and pictures is said to have informed the federation of the injury.

But, following the rules and regulations of the federation, Samuel Eto’o like every other player is expected to turn up in camp for the national team doctor to ascertain his injury.

Presently in camp with his team in Spain it may not be plausible for Eto’o to make if he cannot sit up for long.

BesidesEto’o, Landry Nguemo has also been declared unfit for the match due to a trauma on his left knee.

Nguemo has notified the coach and the federation of his injury.

There are allegations that Alexandre Song would not also take part in the friendly.  If the four players are absent, Coach Jean Paul Akono would be left with only 18 players.

The absence of players like Samuel Eto’o may cause the Tanzanian federation to reduce the money expected to be pay to the Cameroonian side.

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