Kila Jisi

The day 21 the local championship saw a spectacular 3-1 defeat of Canon of Yaoundé, (Kpa Kum) from Renaissance of Ngoumou.

Renaissance dominated the greater part of the  game opening scores early in the match through Patrick Anaba Metogo.

Seini Abdoul Math increased tally in the second half of the match but Canon’s Federick Nguindjol reduced the scores with a goal.

Despite frantic efforts by Coach Loius Paul Mfede who shouted orders to his players Cami Kamdem Kamdem increased scored a few minutes to the end of the match.

Canon sacked Coach Suleimanou Aboubakar and moved assistant Mfede to his position due to poor results.

The 3-1 defeat has made fans to think that the decision of the Canon Committee of the Wise was not wise. Suleimanou moved the team to a good place on the League table before his sack.

Many think Canon’s poor performance is linked to the three months salary owed the players.

In other championship games, Union of Douala, (Nasara Kamakai) continues to top the league with 45 points following their 2-1 victory over Aigles of the Menoue.

Cotonsport of Garoua beat Astres of Douala on home ground 1-0 to trail Union with 40 points.

Young Sport Academy, Yosa had an exiting week-end. The team defeat Scorpion of Mbe 2-1 on home playground.

Unisport of Bafang defeated Tiko United. Tiko United is still in the relegation fight and this defeat is another unwelcomed news to he fans, players and authorities.

Njalla Quan  drew 1-1 with Newstars of Douala and are in a similar battle as Tiko United.

The results of the 21 day of play were as follows:

Scorpion-Yosa 1-2

Astres- Cotonsport 0-1

Unisport -Tiko United 2-1

Aigle –Union Douala 1-2

Sable-Panthere 1-2

Newstars-Njalla Quan 1-1

Canon –Renaissance1-3




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