By Kila Jisi



Puma would kit the Cameroon Olympic Team during the Olympic Games taking place from July 27 to August 12.


This announcement was made by the Secretary General of the Cameroon Olympic and Sport Committee, CNOSC, Emmanuel Claude Abolo Biwole, yesterday.


The Committee and the German firm Puma reached an agreement yesterday after a period of misunderstanding.


The disagreement with Puma stemmed from the fact that the CNOSC asked for money as a condition for accepting the free equipment as is the case with the football team.


Since Puma was not ready to provide both equipment and money the CNOSC decided to buy the equipment form a Cameroonian firm.


During a ceremony to hand the flag to the bearer and bid farewell to the Cameroon Olympic Team on their way to training camps, CNOSC President Colonel Hamad Kalkaba Malboum averred that it was important to have confidence in a Cameroonians firm.


The Cameroonian firm, sources say is in China to purchase the kit worth some FCFA 76 million.


Many Cameroonians are now wondering what will happen to these equipment.


Though the terms of the Puma-CNSOC contract were not unveiled, both Abolo Biwole and Puma Marketing Director, Regis Menoux said the terms were better than in Beijing in 2008 where only equipment was provided.


Regis Menoux gave assurance that the equipment would be supplied in time for the games.


“Cameroon is an important country in Puma’s commercial strategy and we look forward to dressing the more Cameroonian athletes” Menoux said.


Serenity has come back to the parties thanks to the mediation by the Minister of sports and Physical Education Adouma Garoua.


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