By Kila Jisi


Former Lions Captain, Tataw Stephen and the Roving Ambassador, the football legend, Roger Albert Milla, are at daggers drawn.


For some weeks the two 1990 players have been strange play mates. Tataw, in an open letter to Milla, explains that the latter referred to him as “as a beggar at the Cameroon Football Federation, Fecafoot”.


Tataw considers the ill-intended utterance as an insult to his person and not worthy of being pronounced by His Excellency Roger Milla.


Tataw is taking the Cameroonian public as witness, to draw conclusions as to who is right. He is also advising Milla to get good advisers around him and this would make him big in future.


“I recall that as former Lions and captain I have never quarrelled with Milla. Till today, nobody doubts your football qualities, however, your education and behaviour leaves much to be desired”.


He debunked allegations that Milla intervened for him to be appointed Assistant Director of the national football teams, but considers his post as recognition from government for service rendered within the Indomitable Lions.


Tataw maintained that it is because Milla treated Fecafoot staff as ‘birds’ that he was revoked as Honorary President.


He urged Milla to take responsibility for his irresponsible actions and assume responsibility rather than indexing his team mates who equally wish to reap the fruit of their contribution to Cameroon football.


“In comparison with other footballers of your generation the state recognised and appointed you Roving Ambassador. I am a self made man following my job as Assistant Director of the national teams, a post you abandoned as a result of incompetence…”


The Cameroon Football Federation recognises my merit and intrinsic value and you are not going to stop me from following my destiny, Tataw concludes.

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