By Kila Jisi


Mbam Valley Boys Football Club, MVBFC created in 2008 to rally young soccer talents in Yaoundé and its environs is making tremendous strides in the Bui Sports Fans Competition.


The Bui Sports Fans Competition is annual competition organized by Bui people in Yaoundé to spot and support talent development.


This year eight teams are taking part in the competition, representing the six divisions of the Bui.


Mbam Valley is showing spectacular performance in the competition that kicked off on April 15 at the Renouveau stadium of the University of Yaoundé 1.


The team already has ten points to its credit in five matches played, after winning three matches, with a draw and lost only one match.


The present Mbam Valley Boys FC originated from MVB FC which existed as a third division team in Bui Division in the 1970s.


The original MVB FC was once captained by police commissioner Shufai Napoleon and players like Shombe and Ecolor left indelible footprints in the team with their prolific play style.


MVB FC has attracted attention and created admiration among the Bui Sports fans competition springing surprises in the competition.


The team is currently manned by a four-man strong team with, Shey Mainsa Romanus as President, Team manager, Jaff Bamenjo, team secretary Jude Beringato Chin and Franklin Tangwa as team coach.

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  1. kongfesi blaise says:

    Hi everyone,this dream has been seen through by the initiative of the executive as well as the supporters of the club.As Captain of the team,I wish to promise all stakeholders that,on behalf of all the players we would ensure astonishing performance and it is in this spirit that the team would go into the records of History

    • Hello every one out there,congratulations to MVBFC,i don’t doubt the organising skills of its president Shey Mainsa Romanus.I pray out God Almighty to take you guys to higher hights and all dreams shall come to pass in Jesus Name.

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