By Kila Jisi


Ngalla Quan of Limbe, the only club from west Cameroon is making strides in the race to the Cup of Cameroon Finals. The team over the week-end drew 1-1 with Panthere of Bangante.


Other clubs like Tiko United, National Polytechnic and Young Sport had earlier been dropped from the race.


Meanwhile, mythic clubs like Union Sportive of Douala and Canon of Yaoundé have been knocked out during the return leg of 1/8th cup of Cameroon finals.


Caiman of Douala held Union Sportive of Douala to a 1-1 tie, while Sable of Batie defeated Canon of Yaoundé 2-1.


The following results were recorded over the week-end:

Dragon- Unisport 0-2

Achille FC- Cotonsport 0-1

Feutch –New Stars 0-2

Panthere – Njala Quan 1-1

Astres of Douala-Santos of Koza 3-0

Union Sportive of Douala- Caiman of Douala 1-1

Universal-Renaissance 1-2

Canon of Yaoundé-Sable 1-2

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