By Kila Jisi


The Lionesses’ have picked a dramatic qualification for the African Nations Cup this year in Equatorial Guinea after eliminating the Black Queens of Ghana in 10-9 in penalty shoot outs.

Both teams levelled on a 2-2 aggregate and had to go for the penalties.

The game however opened with the Black Queens proving to be a more superior opponent. The first shot in five minutes of the game from Faiza Ibrahim hit the bar, a danger alert to goalkeeper Ngo Dom Annette.

The Black Queens mounted pressure on the Lionesses who were apparently not in the game.

The efforts of the Black Queens paid off when Agnes Aduaku connected a corner to into the Cameroonian net.  Ngo Dom only turned around to discover the ball in the net at the 29minute.

The Lionesses could not break through the Ghanaian defense squandering chances and lacking finishing up front.

The game changed during the second half with different Lionesses that emerged from the vestry, galvanised, mounting pressure on the Black Queens playing a defensive game.


Though the Lionesses’ dominated, they failed to make good use of the numerous corner kicks and failed to make any attempts on goal. Only one sporadic attempts came from Iven Mihamle.

A fault on Aboudi Onguene resulted into a penalty for Mani Christine to displaced goalkeeper Patricia Mantey and equalise just 3 minutes to the end of the regular play time.

The dice for the loan ticket for the Nations Cup was cast. The penalty shoots were taken under a heavy down pour, in a poorly lit Amadou Ahidjo Stadium.

Both teams lost two shots each with the goalkeepers all firing wild. When the 11 players started all over again, Cameroon scored their goal and Ghana lost.

At the end of the encounter Ghanaian Coach, Kwuku Dadzie and his staff refused to speak to the press angry that the referee, Zimbabwean Chiwaya Pamela cheated.

They said it was the third time she had cheated on the Ghanaian team and promised to teach her a lesson if she ever set foot in Ghana.

The authorities congratulated the Lionesses, the football federation President Iya Mohammed promised to give the players seven million.

Following a meeting with the minister of Sports Adoum Garoua, the Lionesses’ fees were reviewed to FCFA 1million for a match won and FCFA 500,000 for a draw.

The team goes back to camp on Wednesday after two days of rest.




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