By Kila Jisi

The oldest player of the Cameroon National team, Malaga goalkeeper, Idriss Carlos Kameni says the decision of  who is the captain has been the preserve of the authorities.

Lately, the ban moved from Kameni to Nkoulou, but, the assistant captain Enoh Eyong has not been able to don the ban due to injury.

Wearing the ban did not mean Kameni was the captain. “I was never captain but saved a situation where the captains were absent”.

Not wearing the ban during the match against Libya did not in anyway disturb him.

“In the past the wearing of the ban was the decision of the authorities but that changed when Frenchman Paul Marie Le Guen took over as coach” he said.

Problems cropped up in the team when Le Guen took the captainship from Song at the verge of his retirement to Eto’o resulting in division in the team.

The woeful elimination for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa was a reflection of division.

Former Sports Minister Michel Zoah later appointed Nicolas Nkoulou and Enoh Eyong as Eto’o assistants.

“In the absence of these two, the choice was on the oldest of the group and that is how I captained the match against DR Congo” explains Kameni.

Assuming his responsibility for the team as the ‘doyen’, Kameni says he does not need the ban.

“I assume this responsibility with pleasure especially because the young players are attentive, open and we work very well, I do advice them”.

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