By Kila Jisi

The world football governing body FIFA has said it is not in support that the Libya-Cameroon match be played without spectators.

FIFA Assistant Secretary Markus Kattner addressed a letter to the president of the Tunisian Football Federation, Ridha Kraiern on June 8 expressing concern about playing a game without spectators.

“We wish to inform you that FIFA has never been in support of empty stadium except in rare cases. Reports seem to indicate that the situation in Tunisia no longer warrants such drastic measures and your telephone conversation with our competition unit seems to confirm this fact”.

A copy of this letter sent to the Cameroon Football Federation, Fecafoot among others also asks the Tunisian Football Federation to concert with the authorities and open the stadium to spectators of the two teams with FIFA’s support.

The Tunisian spectators are believed to be ‘uncontrolable’ and the final decision to let the supporters of the two teams to the stadium resides with the Tunisian authorities.

A quota of spectators 25 supporters for each team besides staff and the press has been allocated to each team.

The Lions leave for Sfax for the match today and would leave after the match to Sousse tomorrow and return to Cameroon on Monday June 12.

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