By Kila Jisi

Former Lions Captain, now Team Manager, Rigobert Song has said he is trying his best to transmit the ‘Lion Spirit’ to the players.

During the Cameroon-Guinea Bissau match, Song presented his 11point creed to the players with stress on the lion spirit.

The former lion’s defender said it was necessary to put things in order, the players adhered immediately and he testified that the system is functioning properly.

On the eve of the Cameroon-DR Congo World Cup qualifier match, Song who is an incarnation of the lion spirit reaffirmed his personality.

“I am at the origin of the lion spirit, I am like that and my personality can not be changed. To transmit that to others, with their differences, I approach each and try to add something”.

The winner of the 2000 and 2002 African Nations Cup attempts “to transmit a way of life handed down to the lions by their predecessors, the method and manner winning a match, how to prepare for the games and approach to a match in relation to the realities”.

Following the reality of the Cameroon-Congo match, Song said the players are aware that the match would be approach within the ‘commando spirit’.

“It is within this context that I send across my message, and I think for some time, even if the population is waiting to see football change, there is need to win the match and afterwards review if the team played as expected”.

For Song, the team has the obligation of winning without any compromise at all.

He appreciated the training of the players and expressed the hope that the same enthusiasm continues during the match.

Recognizing that there have been problems in the team in the past, he urged Cameroonians to forget the past and focus on the future and support the team.

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