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Atah Robert Bahazah, Coach, Technical Director No.3 at the Cameroon Football Federation has declared his candidacy for the post of president of Fecafoot.

This aspirant to the post of president of the Cameroon Football Federation, Atah Robert Bahazah has said he wants to bring back regular players to the national team as he declared his candidacy.

“I want players like Samuel Eto’o Fils, Idriss Carlos Kameni and other professional players who frown at the present management of the national team to come back”, as he unveiled his plans for the national team.

Eto’o has not played for the national team since the 2014 World Cup debacle in Brazil while Kameni played once last year under Hugo Broos but snubbed the team afterwards for bad management.

Many other players like Joel Matip, Nicolas Nkoulou, Allan Nyom have also deserted the team for poor management.

“I will revive the national team where all the regular international players have been kicked out because they want young players who will give money, I will stop all of that. The senior national team is not where players come to learn how to play football but to implement what they have learnt”.

The candidate expressed resentment at a situation where players buy their places in the national team opting for merit.

Bahazah as a trainer of trainers, hopes to put in place a conducive working environment for the national team where local coaches would thrive.

Cameroon football is run now by a Normalisation Committee appointed on August 24 with the task of revising the statutes, organising elections besides running the daily tasks.

And for the candidate there is no time to waste as he intends to go down to the grassroots to explain his project to the electorate.

He says he has what it takes, the profile to become the president of Cameroon Football Federation, president stating that the only condition that can stop him, is that an Anglophone cannot become president of Fecafoot.

In his project, Atah hopes to assemble and reconcile everybody as he says, “football is scattered with stakeholders seeing other as enemies”.

“I will continue building infrastructure from where the past executive stopped before delving into construction of more infrastructure for youth football, working with government delegates and mayors revamp swampy areas”.

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