After recording the 2-0 victory over Algeria on the 5th day of the 2018 Russia World Cup, Hugo Broos, told the media that he was happy with the team; that even in difficult times the team showed that they wanted to win.

Beyond the victory, what lessons do you draw from encounter tonight?

I am someone who always loves to win. When I do not win, I get angry. I think we have a lot of qualities, but it takes time. We see it in all the teams. there are moments of glory and then there is a void. It is at this point that We must seek solutions. The base is there. I am sure that of the 23 players present today, many will not be in the 2019 for the AFCON. But, we still saw that there is a lot of desire, fighting spirit, that there is a collective game on the ground. It was between the 10th and the 30th minute of the first half. We were somehow jostled by Algeria, but we knew how to handle them. There is still a game against Zambia, it’s my job to learn lessons and see which players can be added to the team for this last game. We have a year and a half to prepare a good team capable of making a good performance in 2019.

Do you feel that Algeria could have fared differently against your team?
I said a short while ago that Algeria is a team that has many qualities but has no soul. When you compare it to Cameroon, I think the difference was too great. We were interested in each ball; even in difficult times we showed that we wanted to win. I do not have the feeling that it was Algeria that I saw playing, even if they have players with more qualities than us. Algeria lacks a certain mentality.

How do you appreciate the performance of Clinton Njie?
After the game, I told him that he had to make such a good game against Zambia. I told him he must always be on the team. Let us remember his match against DR Congo in the preparation of the 2017 AFCON. He was very good. But in the first game of the AFCON against Burkina Faso, it was a disaster. As was the case in the next match against Guinea Bissau. I think he understood. After the game today, I’m reassured.

Have players like Adolph Teikeu and Frantz Pangop also reassured you?
Teikeu was unrecognizable tonight it is true. I confirm that it was not his best game. Sometimes he hesitated, at certain important moments he lost good balloons. Fortunately, nothing bad happened to us. I think it was a bad match for him, but I’m sure he will do better next time. About Pangop, I think he started showing up at training. And as I often say, using a young player must be put at the right time. When a coach is in difficulty he cannot use such an inexperience player. It was impressive I find; on the action of the goal, it was good. If he shows the same qualities and the same mentality, I think he can still have his chances.

When you look back, what factors led to the elimination of Cameroon?
The reason is simple: we never reached our normal level. When we see our team that made the CAN, and what we produced against Nigeria, we see that it is not the same team. That’s where we lost the qualification for the World Cup.

Do you agree with people who approach you saying you don’t trust local players?
As I said yesterday, between a good local player and a professional who plays abroad, there is still a big difference. You cannot play with 5 or 6 local players. It takes time to try them out. I need time. There is the CHAN next year. I will watch these games, rest assured.

Compiled By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

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