Kila Jisi

The world football governing body has decided to be at every step of normalising Cameroon football through a series of mission with the first that just ended.

Luc Nicolas Manager of Fifa Member Association and Segbe Prichette Coordinator in charge of Development Programmes in Francophone Africa were in Cameroon to get acquainted to evaluate the Normalisation Committee.

On September 24 Fifa appointed a Normalisation Committee in Cameroon after attempts to reconcile stakeholders failed.

A five-man Normalisation Committee was installed on September 9 with the task to run the daily affairs of the federation, revise the statutes and conduct election in February.

Unlike the previous Normalisation Committee that was set up in 2013 prolong three time this present committee has exactly six months to complete its task.

“Contrary to the previous committee FIFA will be physically present to manage and foresee the process at every step of the way, make sure everything is actually being implemented with respect of the different directives”, a Fecafoot official told BBC Sport.

In a working session with the members of the Normalisation Committee the Fifa reps evaluated the work done within the past three weeks, the plan of action and the time table.

During the past weeks, the Normalisation Committee has been receiving views of Cameroonians on the best way to ameliorate football management.

A new general Secretary Martin Etonge was appointed to replace Blaise Mousa and commissions created to handle the work expected of the committee.

Commission to ameliorate financial resources, electoral process, revision of statutes, documentation and human resources have been put in place and members installed.

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