By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Sons and Daughters from Bui Division grouped under Beans FC based in Douala have been challenged to use sports as a tool to develop their communities.

The called was echoed last July 9 in Yaounde during a friendly visit between the Douala base club and Bui Strikers FC of Yaounde.

Speaking on behalf of Bui Strikers FC, the President of Bui Strikers, Adamu Wirngo as well as other Bui Strikers members and Senators of the club said the only way they can develop their communities is to use sports which is a powerful uniting factor.

Going by him, sport talents found in the division can be harnessed and converted to develop and make Bui Division a better place in the North-West Region.

“We are highly talented when it comes to sport. We have talents that can help us to develop our community. Let us use this chance, let us use sports to develop our community and make it a better place to be,” Bui Strikers President emphasized.

While reiterating the need for sports to be used as a tool for development, young talented boys and girls from the division were urged to cultivate good behavior in other to achieve their dreams.
“We urged you our brothers and sister to cultivate good behavior because that is the foundation of success,” Bui Strikers stated.

Meanwhile, in a friendly match to crown the visit of Beans FC, Bui Strikers FC stun the Douala club 3-0. The highly contested match brought together young and vibrant football players from the division.

Bui Strikers goals that came from Basiru Tata, Washidu Lukong and Aruna Banfogha were scored in both halves of the game.

Surprised by the defeat, Beans FC invited Bui Strikers for a return leg friendly match in Douala. They promised to overturn the score line because they have never been beaten since they started paying friendly games.

The visit was the first of its kind for the two clubs. The two teams promised to work together for the development of their community.

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