Kila Jisi

After the ‘faut pas’ against Chili in their first game of the Confederations Cup, 2-0, Cameroon leveled 1-1 against Australia in their second encounter played at St. Petersburg today.

All the games in Group B ended in a 1-1 tie thereby opening up more avenues for Cameroon and Australia to hope they can still qualify for the semi-finals.

The Lions gave Cameroonians the hope of winning the game and proceeding to the second round when Zambo Anguissa looped the goalkeeper to score later in the first half against Australia.

Had it not been for the useless tackle in the danger zone from Masousssi Mabouka, Cameroon would have bagged home three points.

However, the Lions played a spectacular first game that showed a better level of the team from from the first game.

The third game against Germany would be exciting as Cameroon pushed to the wall would want to beat Germany.

In Group A, only New Zealand is at the bottom with no point while Russia has 3 points and Mexico and Portugal four points each.

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