By Etienne Mengnjo Mainimo

The fate of the indomitable lions of Cameroon have been put under test after they incurred a 4-0 defeat from Columbia last Tuesday June 13 in Getafe, Spain.

Being their last match to the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia, the defeat has raise a lot of questions as to whether the Cameroon team will deliver the goals needed of them when the competition begins on June 18.

According to sport pundits, it is inconceivable that the champions of Africa be humiliated a few months after winning their 5th continental trophy in Gabon last February.

“I think the fact that it’s a friendly game does not mean we have to open our nets to the opposing team at every opportunity. I doubt whether there will succeed in their mission in Russia.” a sport fan stated.

To others, the poor performance of the lions unveils that their mission to Russia will definitely be a difficult one.

“I am really disappointed with the lions this evening because I expected them to defend their title. On the other hand, I see them leaving in the first round without even winning a match. It is disappointing. They have to work hard even though they will be on stage next Sunday against Chile,” stated a furious fan.

Going by some of the fans who spoke to the Post after the games, they were happy with the game stating the game staged in Getafe was mainly used to judge the actual level of some players retained by the coach, Hugo Broos.

Even though it was a night mare for goalkeeper Andre Onana, the fault came from his teammates because the defense was porous.

Meanwhile in a post-match press conference, Hugo Broos said with the defeat, the lions are more determine to put up a great performance during the FIFA Confederations Cup. While admitting that the experience gathered during the friendly match are of importance and not the outcome of the match, Hugo Broos said, thy are going to Russia with an ambition.

“What matters to us is the lessons we have learnt from the match and not the results. We are moving to Russia with an ambition,” Hugo Broos stated. He further said, the motivation during the Confederations Cup will be different.

Cameroon will enter the competition this Sunday, June 18 against Chile who were defeated in a friendly by Romania. The match will be played at 9 pm (GMT) in Moscow. The second meeting of the Lions will be on Thursday 22 June at 6 pm (GMT) against Australia in St-Petersburg. The match between Germany and Cameroon will take place on Sunday 25 June at 18h (GMT) in Sochi.

The first two teams of each of the two pools will meet at the semi-finals on June 28 and 29 respectively in Kazan and Sochi. The third-place match will be played in Moscow on Sunday, July 2 at 3 pm (GMT), at the same day, the final will be staged in St. Petersburg at 9:00 pm.

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