By Basil Afoni

A Pan-African organisation dubbed; Coalition of Supporters Union of Africa, COSUA, is rallying support from the entire African Continent to back the Indomitable Lions in their 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup competition.

“Our mission in Cameroon is to rally support as we have been doing for the entire continent to support the Indomitable Lions in the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia.

Our objective is to take 2,500 Africans to Russia to support Cameroon.

So far, we have mobilised about 50 African countries that will be sending their supporters to join those of the Indomitable Lions in Russia.

We want a situation where not only Cameroonians will be wearing the Indomitable Lions jersey, but Tanzanians, Chadians, Ethiopians, Malians, Egyptians and many other African countries, so that when Cameroon wins, all Africans will be celebrating,” Sarfo Abrebrese, COSUA President asserted.

Talking to the press on May 23 in Buea, Abrebrese said the only way an African nation can win a major international tournament, is when the whole continent rallies behind them by actively attending matches.
Out of the 2,500 supporters COSUA intend to send to Russia, 1000 places have been allocated to Cameroon, another 1000 to other African countries and the remaining 500 to Africans in the diaspora.

To travel under COSUA to Russia, any interested person is expected to pay circa FCFA 3 million (USD 4,950).

Out of this amount, the sum of FCFA 300.000 (USD 500) will be used to get a membership card, Lions t-shirt, Russia Fan ID and a match ticket with the member’s name on it.

Meanwhile, the remaining amount will be used to pay flight, feeding, housing and tours in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi.

This amount will cover a member’s stay in Russia throughout the first round of the tournament.

COSUA was founded in Accra, Ghana, in 2006, by lawyer Sarfo Abebrese and aims at mobilising support from all African fans for sports teams and sportsmen representing the continent at international sporting competitions.

Africa flag bearers at the 2017 Confederations Cup, Cameroon will face Chile on June 18, Australia on June 22 and Germany on June 25 in Moscow, St. Petersburg and at Sochi respectively.

It will be the Indomitable Lions’ third expedition to the FIFA Confederations Cup Competition.

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