By Basil Afoni

Coton Sport of Garoua’s Ronald Ngah is determine to win the League One golden boot this year after failing to win it last year.

The former Njalla Quan Sports Academy, NQSA, striker, is currently with four goals, three goals behind current highest goal scorer, Raymond Fosso Eding Sport who has 7 goals.

The race for the golden boots this year seems to be a tough one five players already with four goals each.

Top 10 Highest Goal-scorers


1- Raymond Fosso, 7 goals (Eding Sport)


2- Ronald Ngah, 4 goals (Coton Sport)


3- Basile Baba, 4 goals (Stade Renard)


4- René Ndi, 4 buts (Bamboutos)


5- Tamo Tinwo, 4 goals (Yong Sport)


6- Cédric Tamnet, 4 goals (Feutcheu FC)


7- Cedric Zemba 3 goals(Eding Sport)


8- Donald Tchawa 3 goals (Stade Renard)


9- Willy Namedji 3 bgoals (UMS)


10- Vitalis Yengui, 3 goals (Apejes)

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