By Etienne Mengnjo Mainimo

Some 17 league One and Two referees and their assistants have been sanctioned by the Professional Football League of Cameroon, PLFC.

In a release signed by the league’s Secretary General, Pauline Manguele last April 12, these match officials have been suspended for deliberately distorting the results of 11 matches of the League One and Two championship.

Among them is Drid Nkamba, whose performance on Sunday, April 09, at the Yaounde military stadium during which he refused to blow a penalty in favor of Union of Douala following a blatant foul by a defender of Canon of Yaoundé in his area of command.

Matches concerned in League One include the confrontation between New-Stars and Feutcheu FC during the first day of play, UMS vs Unisport during the 5th day, Union against Racing 6th day of play and Dragon against UMS in the 6th day of play.

During the 7th day of play, the result of the match between Fetutcheu and Apejes and Aigle against Eding Sport, the 8th day Canon against Union was also alleged to have been officiated with a biased mind.

Four matches also had their results distorted in the elite two championship. The match between Renaissance against Panthère during the 5th day, Renaissance against Avion during the 6th day, PWD/Etoa Meki during the 6th day and PSG against National Polytechnic of Bamenda was also said to have been altered.

Names of suspended match officials
– Shu Achu Emmanuel
– Nkou Ateba
– Mohamadou Mal Souley
– Kamla Jean Marie
– Nkamba Drid
– Zemba Koal Hubert
– Ngo’on Mbeleck Simon
– Onania Onana Augustin
– Koliou Sop
– Boweye Boweye Charles
– Epea Guy Fabrice.
– Banfo Ldriss
– Ngah Willy
– Ouwatssou Bakary
– Njofang Eric
– Afang Franklin

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