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Cameroon Football Federation, Fecafoot meets tomorrow to look at the issues that led Coach Hugo Broos to made certain declaration in Brussels during the Guinea-Cameroon friendly.

After the game, Coach Hugo Broos threatened to resign following an embarrassing situation of poor management ahead of the Cameroon-Guinea Conakry game in which the Lions, African Champions were humiliated to a 2-1 defeat.

In a post-match press conference Broos vented out his anger at a situation which is one of the many he has been living for some time, demonstrating the unprofessional behaviour of Cameroon officials.

“We were refused launch today because the hotel bill was not yet paid. We cannot continue to work in such an unprofessional environment”, Broos said.

Lions4life gathered it was not until later in the day that the situation was regularized at about 3:00pm that day for players to eat prior a game played at 8:00pm.

The players were demoralized with some expressing dissatisfaction at the situation.

The lack of food at the required time is likely to have sapped the players’ concentration and eating shortly before a game is not good for the body metabolism and likely to have reflected on the performance against Guinea.

“I am asking myself if I have to continue with Cameroon, if we work and each time the same poor management issues crop up, then it is not good to continue. I am reflecting on my future. The group is not only the players, but the staff. The group has been very professional and worked for the same objective during the weeks we were in Gabon”.

The incident in Brussels is one of the many Broos has witnessed as in Gabon during the Africa Cup of Nations he told the media he was not happy with the way the team was treated. He urged the stakeholder to respect the team.

“In Gabon the bonuses were decided without involving the players, who decided not to talk and gave a good performance to show that money was not the most important thing, they played for their country and victories, but on the other hand, the officials should be responsible for the team and it is unacceptable that the team is here for days and the hotel is not paid because there is no money. Where is this money, i ask again?”

Observers think as African Champions, about FCFA 2. 5billion came into the coffers and there is no reason for such money issues. The federation says money was paid in time.

Reflecting on his time at the helm of the team, Broos said, when he started working for Cameroon he had problems with the press and the public and with the team have worked hard to turn the tides.
“I hate working in unprofessional circumstances and lack of respect. Before we went to South Africa we spent two hours in the plane, because there were more people in the flight that the registered number. Because of their errors we had to wait two hours after the game, a situation which is unprofessional.
“Also during the camp in Nant the training kit was not transported under the pretext that the fee was too high. For the same reason of expensive transportation fee, drugs remained in Yaounde; the doctor advance money and bought drugs but has not been refunded.
We also have staff members who put in their money for what should have been paid, but till date have not been reimbursed.
In the past some players decided to quit the team for poor management which today continues to plaque all the national teams.
Meanwhile, the federation has this to say, “The situation that leads to the declaration of the coach is unacceptable. The Executive of the FA will not let anything or anyone stand in the way of implementing its vision. At the executive meeting on Monday 27 March one of the resolutions created an Ad Hoc commission to follow-up subventions to the national teams. A great federation is one which takes necessary measures to solve problems and Fecafoot is ready to take measures”.

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