By Etienne Mengnjo Mainimo

German born Nikodemus Holler has been crown winner of the 14th edition of the International Cycling Tour of Cameroon.

Nikodemus Holler finished top of the general classification table covering the last lap between Ebolwa-Yaounde in 24:01:27.

Salah Eddine Mraouni from Morocco finished on spot number two while Adne Van Engelen from France completed the podium on spot number three.

Besides winning the yellow jersey of the competition, the Bike Aid cycling team bagged home the prize of the best team. Nikodemus Holler succeeds last year winner, Mohamed Er-Rafai of Morocco.

To Yves Beau, technical director of the winning team, the final victory is the icing of the cake after winning three stages during the race. “I am very happy because this is my 3rd victory in Cameroon with a different team,” said Yves Beau.

Lahssani Mouhssine and his teammates from Morocco tried everything to win the race but the Germans remained stronger.

On the part of the Cameroon teams, it was a big disappointment as no cyclist won a lap, no intermediate sprint and no jersey.

The first Cameroonian, Kamzong Abossolo, finished at the 16th position, 6 minutes 15 seconds behind the winner. The last Cameroonian cyclist was Clovis Guewa of the SNH Velo Club coming at the 52nd position.

To the Cameroon Cycling Federation, it was a team that made up of young cyclists who are still growing and will get matured. “We have to let these young riders progress and mature. This young generation who have just come in are learning. You cannot learn and start winning at the same time. We expect results from them within three years,” Michel Evouna, the national technical director told the press.

Since Abessolo Clovis Kamzong of Cameroon won the race in 2015, no Cameroonian cyclist has won the race. In 2012, Yves Ngue Ngock won the race four years Joseph Sanda won in 2008.

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