By Kila Jisi

Legendary football icon Albert Roger Milla has said following his removal as Honorary President, the fight to redressCameroon’s football would be forceful.

Milla’s Honorary President title was revoked in a General Assembly during which members pledged unalloyed support to the federation’s President, Iya Mohammed on May 16.

The 1990 World Cup star has promised to take the fight to the next level, more forceful than before. “I held back initially because I was Honorary President, now that they have liberated me I can unveil their manoeuvrings”.

The federation falsifies players’ transfer certificates leading to their imprisonments besides mismanagement of fund disbursed by the football governing body for youth football.

Correcting these problems from within as Honorary President has not been possible, Milla said.  “I have been telling the President, Iya that football is dwindling but he never heeded”.

Cameroonwas absent from the African Nations Cup early this year and hit the lowest ranking since it football history.

The removal of title as Honorary President of the Cameroon Football Federation, Fecafoot, is not a sanction, Milla said. “It is only the President of the Republic, not even the minister that can sack me fromCameroonfootball”.

“It is only the President of the Republic, not even the Minister of Sports that can sack me fromCameroonfootball”.

“The President is constantly urging me, the Roving Ambassador try to ameliorateCameroonfootball” Milla said.

Milla is the head of a Committee to Redress Cameroon Football focusing on change at the helm of football management inCameroon.

He wondered how a person who is not an employee of an organisation can be sacked.

“I am neither a member of the Fecafoot Executive Committee, nor the General Assembly; I don’t see how you can sanction someone who is not a worker in that organisation”.

The 1987 African Footballer of the Year treated the action of the federation as a non-event given that he was never applied for the post.

“I did not apply to become Honorary President, they ran after me begging. I accepted with the hope of injecting a new lease of life to our football, but it has not been the case and I would not likeCameroon’s to make it a case”.

“It is a useless polemic the federation started”, Milla said.


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