By Kila Jisi

Andre Kana Biyik and François Omam Biyik are celebrating their official retirement from football.

The jubilee celebrations commenced in the Pouma where the two brothers started playing football, precisely with Pouma FC.

Pouma, this town midway between Yaoundé andDoualawas a centre of attraction when jubilee celebrations kicked-started on May 19.

This town is peculiar to have produced some ofCameroon’s’ best footballers like Biyik brothers, Samuel Eto’o Fils and Jean Claude Pagal among others.

Francois Omam Biyik welcomed his guests in the outskirts of the town and in a convoy led by motorcycle rider blasting their horns led them a hilarious welcome in Pouma.

A church service at the St. Simon Parish in Pouma was the only appropriate manner to kick-start the jubilee celebrations, to thank God for what he has realised in their lives, and celebrate his magnificence.

Welcoming friends and well-wishers who travelled long distances to celebrate with them, Kana Biyik said it was a pleasure to be accompanied during the week-long celebrations.

A gala-match followed immediately under the watchful eyes of the Roving Ambassador, Albert Roger Milla who disclosed that it would have been unacceptable for him to be absent.

“These are two players who have contributed to lay the foundation ofCameroonfootball, and nobody can forget them, it is normal that I accompany them”. Omam was one of the most prolific attackersCameroonhas ever had though his injury stopped his progress, he stated. Together we defended the colours ofCameroonin 1990, Milla added.

During the gala-match a selection of players from 1990 -2000 trashed the selection of players of Pouma Workers Association 4-1. It was not the score that mattered but, seeing the Omam brothers play, brought back memories of the 1990 World Cup during which Omam Biyik scored a spectacular and unforgettable first gaol, leaping high into the air to a header.

But, encounter was a show of fatigue from the once energetic players who are fast succumbing to age. At half time Francois Omam joked after taking a soft drink, “I am going to score during the second half”, but his attempts could not fructify before he was replaced, worn-out. His brother sustained a light injury and was out in the first half.

Accompanying the Biyiks was Massing Benjamin, Jean Paul Fiala, Pierre Wome Nlend, Nlend Clement, Kisito Elondou and Emile Mba among others.

While the two brothers both started football with Pouma FC, Kana Biyik later played for Union of Douala while Omam Biyik played for Canon of Yaoundé.

In 1985, they won the intercontinental Afrique-Asia Cup against Saudi Arabia. They also won the Union Douaniere et Economic de l’Afrique Central, UDEAC Cup present CEMAC, the Central African Monetary and Economic Community.

The two brothers later won the Central Africa Games inBrazzaville, the 16th African Nations Cup inMoroccoagainstNigeriaand reached the ¼ finals of the 1990 World Cup, the highest level forCameroon.

The Biyiks finished their football career from 1985-1998 inthe national team with more that 70 selections.


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