By Kila Jisi

Roving Ambassador, Albert Roger Milla has been stripped of his status as Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT Honorary President.

The decision of the federation’s executive committee was validated during the General Assembly that held on May 16.

The sanction contained in the communiqué endorsed by the General Assembly reads: “in line with article 45 of FECAFOOT status, Mr Albert Roger Milla has been tripped of his status as honorary President of FECAFOOT”.

The reason advanced is “injurious utterances against FECAFOOT, Its president and management staff and publicly calling for a mass manifestation and incitation against the federation”.

The football legend has been critical of the federation and football management.

Recently Milla and his collaborators created a committee to redress Cameroon football and drafted a petition to chase away officials of the federation.

The petition Milla explained is meant to provoke reflection in the population and for them to understand that football is in danger.

“It is thanks to us that football and the country are at this state, and we cannot allow our country to regress”, he said.

The Federation President Iya Mohammed and the Secretary General are paid FCFA 1 million and 2 million respectively, but I am paid FCFA 300,000 when I elevated football to its present state, he argued.

Milla, the 1987 African Footballer of the Year took the 1990 World Cup by storm scoring four goals in a World Cup and unveiled his Makossa trademark dance to the world

2 Responses to “Roger Milla No Longer FECAFOOT Honorary President.”

  1. Pride says:

    Yeah right!!
    You just can’t criticize institutions in Cameroon!
    It was Eto’o, Enoh and now Milla.
    Who then is next in line?!

    Honestly, as I read this, achu soup wey I di drink comot for my nose!! lmao!!

  2. Yes Yes says:

    Don’t worry Milla…they will leave that office for the footballers to rule it. They are there for their own selfish interest. Which will one day catch up with them. The time is not so far from now…..!!!!!!

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