Kila Jisi

Engineers working at the Military and Amadou Ahidjo Stadiums have confirmed to the Prime Minister Philemon Yang that the various stadiums for training and play during the African Women Championship would ready in June.

Ndougakwe Echembeng, civil engineer in charge of monitoring the work said, “technically by the end of June the project would be ready and everything set in November”.

“Work is progressing on a good note, the military stadium is quite advanced”, he added.

At the Military stadium to serve as training ground, Tarabelsi Lard, Head of Mission for Louis Berger company, said work going on smoothly.


While the ground stands are under construction, gravel is laid on the turf and in ten days the field would be ready to receive grass with fertilizer and other material available.

He gave assurance that the field would be ready given that the grass takes about two months to be in be in a perfect state.

The Military stadium is more advanced compared to the Amadou Ahidjo stadium that requires additional work on the presidential lodge, locker rooms and press conference hall.

Gerard Aime Djakou stated, “grass is planted and would be trimmed in some weeks while the seats in green red and yellow are already being fitted”.
Gerard Aime

The Engineers assured as Prime Minister, Philemon Yang who today took the pulse of construction works in the stadia and training grounds to host the African Women Championship in Yaoundé.

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